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Everything starts from an idea..
Your ideals can be applied, towebsites  social campaigns... and much more!

You need  exciting visualizations for prototypes of your dreams. That's what I do.

We collaborate. We do it together.


User experience is everything. Consider me as your creative force to attract your audience, please your users and increase your client base.

Graphics, typography, illustrations, SVG animation, video, eblasts, websites, event sites, custom microsites, magazines, marketing and political campaigns, leave it to me. You need to think about your dream and your users, and I will make it happen.

How it works?

You don't need to know everything about visual design or trends in user experience design.
I will understand your vision and expectations We are thinking about your business side and your final products for real humans. From modern, to simple, eye-catching, funny, to sombre or daring, I will help you discover your best brand solutions.

I can work with your developers.

I can also develop web and microsite by myself.

Stop dreamig!

Here is a short list of my successful clients who already implement their ambition dreams in real life with me.
AIr Canada, Deloite, Yandex, MacDonalds, ACTRA National, Ryerson University, HeadHunters, Sberbank, Questrade, Plan$well, Studio BangBang, Rukuku, ArtLebedev Studio, Samsung, LG, 3Com, Polariod, Newsweek, GQ, Rosatom

and over 200 more.
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Post Scriptum

Catoro is one person design studio. I'm Oleg Ti, world wide multidisciplinary designer in Toronto.

What Catoro means?
It is very easy: CAnada, TOROnto.